What is Being Human?

Too many people in this day and age are so focused on the act of surviving, that they forget the true purpose of life: LIVING. It is my aim to stir people’s minds, to push their focus back onto this purpose. I want to instil the desire in people to chase this purpose, which ventures far beyond simply making a living.

What we do at work has a direct impact on our private life, our family and our future. Work is the place where virtues are either built or destroyed. These are the virtues that are carried with us into various other aspects of our life, without our control. Doing the wrong things at work, such as lying or cheating to get to where we want to be, will only introduce negativity into our personal life.

When I first came to Australia 27 years ago, what amazed me most about its culture was the “no worries” attitude that seems to be carried by the entire nation. In a space of 28 years, I have watched this laid-back, balanced lifestyle speed up into more of a “rat-race” pace. In Europe, the phrase “metro-boulot-dodo” is used to describe this lifestyle, which translates to “train-work-sleep”. It seems that Australian culture has headed away from the “no worries” attitude that formed its national identity, and closer to this concept.

Humanity is gradually disappearing and being replaced by the overwhelming need to do whatever it takes to get what we want, at any cost. Some people would prefer to take shortcuts rather than do the right thing. They believe it is easier this way, when in reality the toll it carries is far heavier than the simple act of doing the right thing.

We all aim for success, but too often it is just out of reach because we spend our lives pursuing the wrong form of it. Achieving the “right success” is much more important than achieving “success”. The right success builds, rather than destroys. Success achieved the wrong way is never long-term, and more importantly, never leads to true happiness or contentment.

Education and inspiration must go hand in hand. Inspiration without education is useless, while education lacking inspiration will achieve nothing. True education is not about becoming smart; it is about understanding what is truly means to be alive. I aim to provide both inspiration and education, hereby helping others put this concept into practice and lead a truly fulfilled life.

Nobody is born with an instruction book on how to live perfectly. I aim to teach people how to live right. I want to leave this world a better place and build a better Australia; the place where the future of my children lies. I aim to reach personal fulfilment by sharing my lessons with others, inspiring and educating them about LIVING, rather than merely surviving.

Thomas Le Hoang
Founder of Wiseberry