The Empower Initiative

Good living requires a conscious effort to bring others around us to a higher level of self-awareness.

When you look at people who are busy searching for a new job, you can’t help but feel the difficulty they may be going through. They have to convince someone else in order to create their own future.

The stress of being rejected, the anxiety of not getting ahead and the fear of loss because we can’t afford to, or don’t have the means to, maintain status quo can be truly detrimental to our happiness.

We don’t need to wait until we are perfect to start giving back. We cannot wait until we have enough before we start giving. How and what we give is not really the issue. The real target is to give what builds or creates positive energy in the world.

I recently saw the movie ‘Pay It Forward’, and it makes perfect sense to consider giving to others without expecting anything in return, except that the person you have helped will then proceed to help somebody else.

There is so much violence in our society at the moment. Not a day goes by without coverage of bad news. Perhaps this has emanated from people’s frustration with their current life circumstances.

Let’s have a look at this country and challenge ourselves the way that former US president John Kennedy once challenged his countrymen: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

In 2016, TL would like to help unemployed people develop the ability to sell themselves, portray themselves as who they truly are and discover their strengths and weaknesses in order to find their path in life. TL will travel around the country and offer free training as a repayment to life for what it has offered him so far.

People often go for a job because they need to make a living. They often take on any opportunity in order to start the journey of ‘surviving’ – the biggest trap in life. When people take the time to truly explore their inner selves, they often find predispositions they never knew they had, as well as the ability to focus on jobs and skills that are more in tune with their true self. Happiness and contentment can then rise within them, fostering a better atmosphere in the country overall.

It is human nature to point the finger at another person for our own negative conditions. Whether we like it or not, every human being is responsible for creating their own mental footprint in the world. Therefore, we may as well invest in creating something positive, if only to ensure that the day we leave this world, we leave it in a better state than when we arrived.

We all have the desire to contribute. TL hopes that through his endeavour, he can help people find the click.