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By the end of a training session, people must DO better. I believe in these ladies at Wiseberry Lake Munmorah.……

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The Empower Initiative

Let’s have a look at this country and challenge ourselves the way that former US president John Kennedy once challenged his countrymen: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

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The Challenge of Fairness

This time of the year is the season of awards and recognition, and we are once again faced with the difficult task of recognising a carefully selected group of people for their efforts throughout the year, when there are so many worthy candidates standing before us.

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When Friends Become Bad Influences

You must always consider your level of happiness and the influence that others may have on your overall wellbeing. It is dangerous to spend too much time around people who are going to diminish these two points.

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Cutting Corners to Save Costs

When faced with the opportunity to take a shortcut, it is critical to have foresight and the ability to analyse whether your actions will impact either directly or indirectly on the business. You must also consider the possible consequences it may have on your team, clients and private life.

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What is Being Human?

Education and inspiration must go hand in hand. Inspiration without education is useless, while education lacking inspiration will achieve nothing. True education is not about becoming smart; it is about understanding what is truly means to be alive.

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